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The film is based on the folk tale and is a live-action adaptation of Walt Disney &39;s 1950 animated film of the same name. For an episode, Cinderella gets magically transported to LA too and attempts to steal Snow&39;s husband.
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    Mar 13, 2015 Cinderella Directed by Kenneth Branagh.

  • Boys and Girls Like You and Me.
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  • The star of The Great was photographed.
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    This loneliness manifested in a longing for a family, preferably with grandchildren.

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    In an attempt to address some of the problematic and dated issues with Cinderella, Princess Gwen is a progressive character; she is constantly pitching ideas that get shot down by her parents until they realize that she would be a great leader and make her the heir to the throne.

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    The Grand Duke attempts to stop her, but she flees down the Palace's entry steps, leaving behind a glass slipper.