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UK Track AccrediTation Scheme. FaulknerBrowns has added a concert venue to the velodrome at its Derby Arena with an ingenious insertion into the usually underused central space.
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    If you are a member of British Cycling, following successful accreditation there will be an endorsement added to your membership cardlicence as a UK Indoor Velodrome accredited rider, and this will give you access to Glasgow, Newport, London and Derby, but please check with these venues regarding registration.

  • I believe I was on the same Level 2 on Saturday, although i&39;m accredited, I was using it as track time, before my first SQT next weekend.
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    British Cycling support newcomers to track cycling, helping riders to progress from the induction through an accreditation system.

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  • James has 12 years of experience in the UK, China and Americas in the design.
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