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. I cried this afternoon which I thought was a thing I had stopped doing, we had a man in who was 87 and had stage 4 ca lung, he was brought in after the family insisted that he had gotten really bad, he was satting at 68,had a np of 184116 and a pulse of 115, he was in as much pain as I have ever.
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  • This is just me venting, hope that's okay, but I've been doing night shift for 3 months now and I hate it for the most part, I had barely gotten into a consistent sleep schedule and.
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    Night shift has to do everything without management stepping in and without all the extra resources.

  • I find that the nurses on my floor who are falling asleep are the nurses who say they can 'get by' with 3-4 hours and try to keep a day-shift life on a night-shift schedule.
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    Less workload.

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  • Really hoping for a better night tonight but not counting on it.
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  • Because you know that crazy shift is nurse code for ran-around-all-night-didnt-have-time-even-to-drink-water.
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    So Im a 2020 grad with two and a half years in stepdown and 6 months in a trauma icu.

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